NZ Story

New Zealand - A Place of Purity

New Zealand, a south pacific island, isolated, secluded and surrounded by deep pristine waters.  With a population of only 4 million and plenty of space, it is the homeland of people who passionately pursue freedom and adven ture.  Our closeness to nature gives a sense of freedom and relaxation.

Maori first settled in New Zealand around 1000 years ago and from the early 1800’s, British and other European settlers arrived by sea.  Remoteness has given both Maori and other New Zealanders a deep connection with the land and sea.

Because of New Zealand’s long thin shape, the climate varies from north to south, with a sub-tropical climate north of Auckland, while the south island mountains are snow capped all year round.

A pristine environment and innovative people combine to make New Zealand one of the world’s great producers of premium food and beverages, renowned for the freshness and flavour of our products.

Isolated from heavily populated and polluted areas, the high quality of its natural environment, spectacular coastlines and water purity make New Zealand one of the most ideal countries for growing seafood.  Seafood with the quality and flavour that is a true reflection of its source.

Satisfying the aspirations of the restaurant in London, the party in New York and the BBQ back home, the integrity of flavour and quality of our New Zealand Greenshell™ Mussels, King Salmon and Pacific Oysters is incomparable.