Pacific Oysters with coriander pesto

Pacific Oysters with coriander pesto

I thought I would kick off the blog with a delicious Oyster recipe, since Pacific oysters in New Zealand are now in season.

New Zealand Pacific Oysters with coriander pesto, red chilli and lime kaffir leaf
- makes enough pesto for approx. 3 dozen oysters

3 Dozen New Zealand Pacific Oysters

Ingredients – Pesto
50 gms Fresh Coriander – rough chopped
2 gms Ground Coriander Seeds – toasted
1 small Red Chilli (medium heat) – chopped
½ clove Fresh Garlic – crushed

10 mls Sweet Red Chilli Sauce
4 drops Nam Pla (Thai Fish Sauce)
3 small Kaffir Lime Leaves – chopped
1 Fresh Lime – ½ the zest (fine) & all the juice of the lime.
20 gms Sesame Seeds – lightly toasted
100 mls Soya Bean Oil
Salt Season to taste

• Combine all the ingredients except the oil & lime juice, into a food processor & blend together thoroughly. Slowly add the oil to thin the mixture. Finish with the lime juice to sharpen the pesto & season with salt to taste.
• To serve dress the top of the oysters & allow to marinade for approx 30 minutes in a chiller before serving.
• Garnish with fresh coriander stems & lime wedges