Cooking perfect crispy skinned salmon

How to cook crispy skinned salmon

Want to achieve perfectly cooked crispy skin salmon. Then follow this step by step guide, and you should end up with a salmon portion with crispy skin, lightly flaky outer layers and a soft, succulent centre. Absolutely delicious!


I’m loving New Zealand Greenshell Mussels infographics


  To highlight the key attributes of Greenshell Mussels (delicious, nutritious and unique) in a fun and informative way, a series of infographics have been developed. The aim of these infographics is to inspire seafood lovers to try our amazing mussels, providing information on what makes them so great and sharing some delicious recipe ideas. [...]


How to shuck an oyster

New Zealand Pacific Oyster

Are you interested to learn how to shuck an oyster, then check out this video featuring a New Zealand oyster farmer who shares his tips on opening oysters


Delicious appetisers/ canapés for Christmas

Salmon canapes

Are you looking for some outstanding dishes that you can serve up over the Christmas holidays? Then check out these great recipes for delicious appetisers/canapés that will wow your friends and family this festive season. Salmon cocktail with tomato sorbet Salmon dip with tortilla chips Smoked Salmon with pecan, watercress pesto Salmon lollipops Mussels with [...]


Korean Food Trend

Mussels Korean style

With Korean cuisine picked to be the next big Asian cuisine to take the Western world by storm, we thought we would share some of our delicious, healthy and easy to prepare Salmon and Mussel Korean style recipes. New Zealand Greenshell Mussel & King Salmon Guk New Zealand Greenshell Mussel & King Salmon Bibimbap New [...]